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Making the Most out of Life

Wine Country Care Center strongly believes that retirement is the start of another exciting phase in your life. No longer bothered by the hectic and exhausting pace of your career, you now have the privilege of enjoying life to the fullest.

Finding Pleasure in Nature

Our campus in Lodi, CA serves as a vibrant retirement community for residents who crave for tranquil surroundings during the golden years of their lives. Situated in a compound that is flowing with nature’s wonders, every resident can bask in the stunning beauty of the Mokelumne River and surrounding parks.

Strategic Location

Providing our valued clients with utmost convenience is our foremost priority. Our retirement community is located right next to an assisted living facility, making it easy to stay close to your loved ones.

Family Environment

You or your loved ones certainly won’t experience a shortage of social activities interactions. Our community is filled with enthusiastic and interesting people who are equally passionate about enjoying the simple joys of life.

Meet new friends, find common interests, and establish unbreakable bonds that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Insurance Plans Accepted

Enjoy the hard-earned fruits of your labor by settling down in a community where you’ll surely feel loved and appreciated. Call us at 209-334-3760 if you wish to learn more about our retirement program.