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Innovative Nursing Solutions

Wine Country Care Center has taken great strides to ensure that the services we provide are at par with the highest standards of the assisted living industry. Equipped with modern technology, our facility takes a great deal of pride in having highly experienced staff members who are dedicated to delivering a holistic approach to residential care.

Our center in Lodi, CA offers a broad array of general and specialized nursing care solutions as well as added amenities. You or your loved ones can expect first-rate treatments from our resident physicians if you decide to choose us.

Medical Services

  • 24-Hour Nursing Care
  • Rehabilitation Care
  • Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy 
  • Wound Management
  • IV Therapy 
  • Residential Care on Campus 
  • Memory Care for Alzheimer’s Patients 
a nurse in elderly care for the elderly in nursing homes

High-Standard Amenities


Wi-Fi Access


Diagnostic Lab and X-Rays

Comprehensive Rehabilitation

Our dedicated specialists provide occupational, physical, and speech therapy that can effectively address a number of medical conditions. Whether our patients are suffering from arthritic knees or stroke-induced speech disorders, we will be by their side every step of the way through recovery.

We have a full range of the latest therapy equipment at our disposal, allowing us to deliver top-caliber care with every treatment session. Moreover, our therapists create a customized program for every patient. This enables us to have a more thorough and focused approach, paving the way to a speedier and more comfortable recovery.

Round-the-Clock Nursing

Our nurses are legitimate experts in virtually all aspects of assisted living. We provide short-term and long-term nursing care 24 hours a day because we want to accommodate the urgent needs of our residents. Also, we utilize state-of-the-art medical tools and equipment on top of progressive treatment plans.

Accepted Insurance Providers

Feel the difference with the multidisciplinary approach of our therapy programs. Call us at 209-334-3760.